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Embrace your roots


This campaign is a follow up from my book of Polish traditions. It’s about expanding my ideas further and works as an invitation to my fellow immigrants. It is much more immersive. ‘Embrace your roots’ is a campaign directed to polish people living outside of Poland. It is a direct reminder of where they are from; embracing your roots is fun and exciting. The three ways of sending my message are through posters and different stickers. The invitation is to join the community ‘’. Here we can communicate with different people from around world, talk internationally and even arrange gatherings with others.

During my stay in Australia, I met a lot of people with a Polish background, who knew nothing about the culture or our traditions. My work is about getting people curious about it and submersing them into learning.

The colours I used are extremely important as they are the nation’s colours. Red and white make up the colours from the polish flag. Consisting of two halves, the red represents the many struggles for freedom and the white is hope. We as a country have been through a lot, with Poland not existing as Poland for 120 years.  We were invaded by Germany, Austria and Russia. We were split. We were persecuted for even speaking our own language let alone keeping our culture. However throughout all of this, we continued to exercise our rights to be Polish in secret. Continuing our traditions and keeping a sense of our identity. We are very proud people.

I was heavily inspired by the guerrilla girls, who used anonymity and stark designs to push forward their concepts in posters etc. Highlighting political and social issues in life, through art. My work is bold, simple and clean with a direct message.

This is why it is vital for me to never forget my heritage and encourage others to do the same. It’s all about connecting others with a similar feeling. The strategy is clear to get people involved with ‘Embrace your roots’!

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