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Lost in translation

ISTD Competion

Student Briefe

When presented with the statement ‘Lost in Translation’ the majority of people will imagine a language or grammatical issue. I want to redefine that assumption and create a publication with a more personal meaning, a journey, a human story. I would like to transport the viewer, as I have experienced in my life, to a distant place, from that confusion and realignment comes a feeling of belonging and home. 

This project gave me the ability to show my personal experience. The many have similar feelings, yet all totally unique. To give a better description on the most dramatic of human decisions, to stay or to go. Looking at reasoning and rationale, the rivers that must be crossed to make that leap in the dark. Included are both individuals poems and well-known work. I wanted the feel to be clean and classic, to treat the subject matter and personal testimony sensitively without too much stylistic force. Transparency in material struck me during the process, mimicking the blurring between language and words. A lightweight paper, has an airy and almost dream-like feel, means the eye must inspect and focus. The journey of understanding and making one's sense I felt was important even at the instant of reading as well as long term consideration. Modern society was the path behind the design, showing a known structure while giving a modern twist, mimicking the journey of moving from a known into a new. My aim in format was giving the reader a comfortable base and then continue to challenge and explore the subject.

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